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Vacation Fund


Vacation benefits are collected through the stamp program where an hourly benefit is paid by the employer for each hour worked.  This is credited to your account when your stamp book is turned in. Stamp Books are redeemed to the Fund Office in January and July.  Withholding taxes are withheld from these benefits.

It is extremely critical that you turn in your stamp book as soon after the January and July due dates as possible in order to post your benefits to your account in a timely manner.  The due dates are printed on the front cover of your stamp book. 

Vacation payments are paid out either once a year or twice a year, at your direction. If you don’t choose a twice yearly payout, you will automatically receive a single payment in November each year. If you choose a twice yearly payout, you will receive a check for half your account balance in June, and half in November. For a half yearly payout, complete the form below.

Vacation pay out can be taken annually or semi-annually

Click on the link below to print the Vacation payout form.

Vacation Payout Form

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