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Purchasing Stamps:

Please be advised that the proper procedure for purchasing stamps is as follows:

The contractor completes an order form calculating how many stamps (hours) are needed for each of the laborers on the job and attaches a check for the total cost of the stamps.  The stamp order will be processed and the stamps, along with a copy of the order form, will be returned to the contractor to distribute stanps to the laborers.  It is the contractor’s responsibility to make sure each laborer receives his/her stamps each week with their pay check.  It is also the contractor’s responsibility to complete and submit the Weekly Contractor’s Remittance Identification Form indicating the stamp serial numbers given to each laborer. Please do not send individual checks to the laborers or to the union. All checks must be made payable to and sent to the Trust Funds. No checks for payment of fringe benefits are to be given to the employee.

Below are forms for the various stamps, please contact the Funds Office for these forms.

Independent Contractor:
Independent Stamp Form
Members of the Building Contractors Association:
BCA Form
Members of the Concrete Industry:
Concrete Industry Form
Members of the Wall & Ceiling Contractors Association:
Wall & Ceiling Form
Members of Interior Demolition:
(Only in Local 66 area)
Demolition Tier “B” Form
Apprentice Rate – Level 1: (1 – 1,000 hours)
Apprentice Rate – Level 2:(1,001 – 2,000 hours)
Apprentice Rate – Level 3:(2,001 – 3,000 hours)
Apprentice Rate – Level 4:(3,001 – 4,000 hours)
To expedite your stamp order, forms can be faxed to the Fund Office. Please call the Fund office for instructions

The following form is to report each laborer on the job along with the stamp serial numbers given to each:

Weekly Employer Remittance Identification Report Form

Stamp Book Redemption:
Stamp Books run in two 6-month cycles (January thru June & July thru December).  Stamps earned for work done from January 1 thru June 30 are to be placed in that stamp book only.  The same applies to work done from July 1 thru December 31.  These books are for Local 66 stamps only.  Treat these stamps like you would treat money and the stamp book as the wallet for that money.  These stamps are applied to your Health Benefits as well as your Pension, Annuity and Vacation benefits.  Make sure you receive the stamps that correspond with the type of work you did.       I.E.:  Worked as an Apprentice –Level 1 – your stamps should be stamped “Apprentice 1.”  Worked as a Laborer – you should receive Journeyman stamps - your stamps should not have anything stamped over it.  If you receive the incorrect stamps, contact your employer (contractor) immediately and let them know a mistake was made and to correct it.

Types of Stamps:
Journeyman Stamps
Demolition Stamps
Apprentice Stamps – Level 1 (1 – 1,000 hours)
Apprentice Stamps – Level 2 (1,001 – 2,000 hours)
Apprentice Stamps – Level 3 (2,001 – 3,000 hours)
Apprentice Stamps – Level 4 (3,001 – 4,000 hours)

As each of these stamps has a value of their own, also make sure you receive the correct stamp for the corresponding time period you worked.  (Dates are printed on the bottom of each stamp.)  Again, the value of the stamps changes every year in July.

If you require a Stamp Book for any period please call the phone number below.  Stamp Books must be turned in on the date that appears in bold on the front cover of the Stamp Book.  Please read the instructions inside the cover of the Stamp Book.  Most questions can be answered and errors can be avoided by reading the instructions first.  This will help to update your account properly. If you need a page to put your stamps on please click the link below. Than print out as many as you need.

Page from stamp book
Questions?  Feel free to contact via e-mail the person below or contact us at     


DKUEZEK@L66FUNDS.COM     –   Stamp Purchases
AKUGLER@L66FUNDS.COM    –    Stamp Books
MPORCIELLO@L66FUNDS.COM   –   Delinquent (owed) Stamps – Collections
LPERUGINI@L66FUNDS.COM   –   Direct Contributions, Reciprocity, Late Payments