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The General Building Laborers’ Local 66

Members Assistance Program

 We Will Listen To You! 

(800) 518-1401

 What is the MAP?

The Members Assistance Program is a confidential service available to members and their dependents with no out-of pocket expense. We offer assistance by identifying problems, short term counseling, factual information and referrals to specialists in your area.

 Why do we have a MAP?

General Building Laborers’ Local 66 regards you as more than just a member.  As such, they are concerned for your physical and mental well being.  Human problems occur everyday and can affect all areas of a person’s life.  Some problems are more difficult to resolve without some help. General Building Laborers’ Local 66 Welfare Plan provides this service to members and their dependents to assist when such life problems occur. 

 What types of problems can the MAP assist?

Life seems to grow more complicated with each generation and so do the problems that come with it.  Some common issues people seek help with are:

         Marital and family problems           ·     Divorce and step-families

·        Stress and depression                    ·     Panic and anxiety

·        Mental and physical abuse              ·     Work related issues

·        Alcohol and substance abuse        ·     Other additions – i.e.:  food, gambling, shopping, etc.

 As technology continues to advance rapidly so do the problems that come with it.  More people report having addictions to the internet whether it is teens chatting with their friends for hours or adults isolating from their family by spending free time “in chat rooms It is important to understand that no problem is small or insignificant.  The MAP ensures that you do not have to deal with problems alone.

 How does the MAP work?

Anytime a member or dependent has a situation or problem they need help with, he/she can call the MAP directly – 24 hours a day. We can set up an appointment quickly for you.  In some cases, a supervisor may refer a member to the Map as a result of work related problems as well.  Based on our discussion, we will help identify the problem and make recommendations to resolve it.

 Is the MAP confidential?

General Building Laborers’ Local 66 respects your privacy and is only concerned that members receive help they need.  This program is completely confidential and no information is shared between MAP and Local 66 Union officials or office.

 How can the MAP help if I am not the one with a problem?

Often a spouse, child or other family member may have a problem that everyone around them can see, but he/she cannot.

Whether it is depression, anger, addictions or anything else, the person with the problem is not the only one who needs help.

While we can’t force anyone to admit they have a problem or to get help, we can assist the family members affected.  By exploring different way to deal with the issue, the family members can choose a new approach they are comfortable with. With a little time and guidance, the family members will not be as negatively affected as they had been.

Sometimes the person with the problem notices the change and seeks help as well; whether this happens or not, the family members do not have to continue being hurt.